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A Brief Distinction Discussed about Quartzite and Quartz Countertops

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What are Quartzite and Quartz?

The former is a natural stone which is extracted from the earth just like marble, limestone or soapstone are extracted.

Quartz, or engineered quartz is manmade in composition. It is roughly made of 90 percent ground quartz with the remaining being a concoction of resins, polymers and pigments which depends on the manufacturer.

Why does the distinction matter?

Both the elements deliver durability. As a matter of fact, both outperform granite when it comes to its hardness. But, you will want to consider the factors that help you in deciding whether they are ideal for your countertop or not.


  • Variation versus uniformity


As the quartzite is extracted from the nature directly, it showcases endless variation in color as well as pattern. In other words, no two slabs are exactly the same.

On the other hand, quartz tries to replace these features like veining. Technology is evolving and engineered materials are becoming difficult to differentiate from the original ones. But as quartz is produced in a controlled way and on a large scale, at some point, the pattern may emerge and the repetition occurs.


  • Heat proof versus stain proof


Apart from the hardness, many people are concerned if the stone will tolerate heat and staining, particularly if you are a family with young kids. Quartzite has an upper hand when it comes to heat resistance, which makes it ideal for a kitchen.

On the other hand, the density of Kitchen Wholesalers quartz countertops renders it stain resistant than its counterpart. In other words, you can choose solid white quartz in the kitchen and won’t be annoyed over any of these inevitable spills and messes. So, always picture yourself making use of the space and maintaining it to seek your highest priority.


  • Etching versus scratching


Etching is not at all associated with straining. It is like an added layer of patina that can occur in areas that face the most traffic. For instance, etching may seem like discoloration similar to dark water spots next to your sink even after the droplets have been dried. Fortunately, both quartz and quartzite never etch, so it is an ideal choice.

When it comes to scratches, quartzite comes with veins and colors which helps in hiding the imperfections quite well.

The uniform surface of quartz may render any abnormality like a deep scratch stand out.

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