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7 Outdoor Seating and Dining Ideas for Your Next Home Project

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Living through a global pandemic has taught us a whole new understanding of how severe cabin fever can affect us and our daily routines. 

One of the common ways we’ve been dealing with this condition is turning our focus to our home’s interior and exteriors. For instance, with the changing seasons, we’re starting to give our outdoor seating some much-needed attention. After all, your outdoor seating area can be turned into a haven. All you need to do is use your imagination, and read this article. 

Keep on reading for our best seven tips on how to take your backyard improvement to the next level. 

1. The Right Outdoor Set

Before starting our exploration of all the different styles and additions you can use for your outdoor seating area, let’s put down some ground rules. 

For your outdoor space to look lovely and for your design to shine, you’ll probably be purchasing a new outdoor dining set or seating area. In this case, you’ll want to keep the following factors in mind before finalizing any purchases. 

Start by figuring out how many people will be using the space. Do you generally host a lot of friends, or will it be just your immediate family?

Once you have a specific number down, it’s time to think about the shapes. Are you more interested in softer (and rounder) tables, or are you a fan of the clean-cut lines of squares and rectangles?

Then, you’ll want to measure your space. The general rule here is that large furniture can make a small space feel rather cramped, while small furniture in a large space can look a bit lost and incoherent. 

2. Built-in Seating Using Hardscapes

You can go all out and include a fire pit as well. 

Hardscaping can have a bad reputation for its higher costs and time-consuming efforts to make it look good. Yet, you can create a rather cozy area, with minimal materials using hardscaping. 

All you need on hand is some construction adhesive, there will be no need for breaking out the mortar. You can have built-in planters, and benches, by just using some paver stones and lumber. 

So, if you’ve been dreaming of creating the perfect nook to roast marshmallows, or even avocados (this is a judgment-free zone), it’ll look fantastic, while retaining its ease of use. 

3. A Semi-Enclosed Outdoor Space

Sometimes, we just want an outdoor space that has all the positive qualities of indoor spaces. The key aspect is generating the same level of coziness using all the comforts that we tend to hoard indoors. 

You’ll need to pick some weather-resistant seating sets, and maybe a small coffee table. It’s the perfect seating arrangement if you’re a fan of watching movies or games outdoors. All you’ll need is an outdoor TV. 

For an added element of sophistication, you can always choose a patio door that will go with your decor. Check out what your hinged patio door installation may look like here. 

4. A Pergola for Your Outdoor Lounge

If you’re really like the idea of transferring your indoor coziness outdoors, you’ll want to consider bringing in a pergola or other form of shade that will fit your design. 

A pergola is a great option that can provide a medium coverage from the sun, as well as add an “interior feel” all in one fell swoop. 

5. Wrought Iron Furniture 

No matter how small your backyard space can be, you can always elevate your yard by adding some wrought iron pieces of furniture. 

Not only would it make a statement when it comes to your design abilities, but you’ll also be adding some significant increase to your home’s overall value. 

If you already have a concrete patio, you can add some wrought iron furniture, like a portable fire pit, or a seating arrangement. One of the key perks of having such solid furniture for your outdoor area is that you never have to worry about your furniture blowing away during a storm. 

These will be high-quality pieces that are heavy. Unlike wood, aluminum, or wicker, you’ll be getting some solid pieces that will remain looking new for a very long time. 

Just make sure you invest in some weather-resistant finish to prevent the iron from rusting, and you’ll be good to go.

6. Spruced up Pool Space

If you already have a swimming pool in your outdoor area, it’s a great opportunity to add some seating elements.

After all, there’s nothing more elegant and calming than spending substantial amounts of time near bodies of water. You’ll want to survey your current pool setup, and see if you can turn off any noisy features that might be ruining the mood, like your robotic cleaner. 

You can take it a step further by installing a pool fountain, or even some color-changing lights. 

7. Stronger Ambiance

One of the main perks of outdoor spaces is exposure to nature and the fresh air. These two have inherent ambiance qualities that you can’t really manufacture. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your scenery even more beautiful and setting up your outdoor dining experience to be showstopping. 

Planters are a simple (yet great) way to add some greenery and color to your outdoor space. And, if you’re worried about your space constraints, you can always just add a flowery centerpiece and call it a day. 

In addition, if you’re more used to dining in the later hours of the day, you’ll want to set up some outdoor lighting. For instance, adding some string lights can immediately give a warm glow to your outdoor space, without ruining your view of the night sky.

Ready to Give Your Outdoor Seating Area an Upgrade?

When it comes to giving your outdoor seating a makeover, you don’t want to have competing designs fighting for your attention. This is the easiest way to get overwhelmed and not finish the project. 

Start simple. Hopefully, our seven tips for revamping your backyard or patio space helped get your creative juices flowing. 

And, if you liked our article, make sure to check out additional tips and tricks in our home improvement section. 

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