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7 Exquisite Ideas to Add the Element of Luxury to Your House

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When the word “luxurious” comes to mind, you probably think about mansions and penthouse apartments, huge fireplaces, and magnificent dining halls. All of these might seem a little out of your reach, costing an arm and leg. Besides, you don’t need a grand structure to give a luxurious touch to your home. Fortunately, you can use everyday items or even DIY a couple of things to make your house exquisite and jaw-dropping.

Below, we will discuss a few splendid ideas to make your home feel more luxurious and put together.

1. Fresh Paint 

There’s nothing more refreshing than a freshly painted room. A fresh coat of paint makes the color more vibrant and lets all the hues merge perfectly. So, choose your favorite color with a satin paint finish to give your walls a luxurious look. You can decide to paint the whole room or a single wall with contrasting colors to create an impact in your room. Moreover, a fresh coat of white paint makes the room look bigger and brighter. It allows the light to bounce off the walls and makes the room look more spacious. In addition to that, white walls always pair well with any furniture or decorative pieces you plan to put up.

While painting your room or the whole house, protect your belongings by moving them to a storage unit temporarily. You can find storage units in almost every city or region. So, if you reside in Indianapolis, search “storage units Indianapolis IN” and pick one that suits your needs. After moving your furniture and belongings to a storage unit, cover the floor with sheets and tape all the electrical outlets and borders to avoid getting paint at unnecessary places.

2. Antique touches

Nothing gives the feel of a luxurious space like antique pieces. Antique decoration pieces or fixtures make the area seem grandeur, giving an illusion of luxury to the room. Therefore, consider incorporating a couple of antique pieces in your interior design. You can use ornate mirrors to create more drama and depth. Or you can opt for a funky antique armchair or a vanity and make it the focal point of your room.

Nonetheless, it’s easy to go overboard with antiques. Avoid this, as too many elements can make the room look bizarre. If you are new to using antiques, stick with smaller pieces. For example, an antique lamp or a decorative vase can create more accent in your room.

3. Lift the ambiance with lighting 

Lighting and ambiance play a crucial role in how the space looks and feels. For example, overhead lighting makes everything in the room look harsher and dull. It will remind you of educational institutes, offices, and hospitals. On the other hand, candlelight and fireplace light helps in creating a romantic and soft atmosphere. Therefore, use lighting fixtures to achieve the ambiance you’re aiming for in your humble abode.

Nevertheless, to give your room a luxurious feel, use table lamps with soft shades that make the lighting look diffused and soft. If you have a fixture with more than one bulb point, mix some colors. For example, mixing pink and white light bulbs helps in creating a soft and relaxing hue.

However, if you already have overhead lighting fixtures, look for ways to control their intensity. Install dimmers or opt for table lamps so that you can control where the light comes from, its intensity, and where it reflects.

4. Install mirrors

Mirrors are more than vanity necessities. Some designers consider mirrors to be a solution to many design problems. But apart from that, mirrors make for a great accessory as they help create a balance in the room while making it look spacious. Many designers also use mirrors as an alternative for art displays.

Of course, when choosing a mirror, you must keep its shape, size, and frame in mind. But picking lighted mirrors will give the space a more vibrant and luxurious feel. You can also opt for grand mirrors with antique frames to make the place more grandeur.

5. Switch out the hardware 

You can make the old furniture and other fixtures look instantly new and luxurious by simply changing the hardware. While it is an inexpensive and simple change, it ensures a dramatic transformation in the appearance of the furniture and area.

You can choose matching hardware for your furniture and room to give it a more harmonious look. In addition to that, changing the kitchen and bathroom hardware to copper or brassy hardware instantly gives it an exquisite look that makes the space look more luxurious.

6. Hang floor to ceiling drapes

One common aspect of most luxurious homes is high ceilings and big windows that flood the room with natural light. If your rooms don’t have large windows, you can still give the room a more luxurious look by hanging the curtain and drapes as close to the ceiling as you can.

Hanging ceiling to floor-length drapes gives the room a bigger and loftier appearance and makes the ceilings seem high. Moreover, you can add sheer curtains to soften the light that filters in your room with a warm feel.

7. Hang oversized art 

Instead of cluttering your wall with small frames and artworks that have no proper framing, invest in oversized art. It can be a photograph, painting, or even some textile with a more pronounced and well-framed look.

Oversized art strategically hung in beautiful frames will instantly alleviate the whole room’s look. It becomes a focal point and gives your home a well-decorated and luxurious feel. Hence, instead of hanging small photos around the room, capture a few pictures or buy paintings and get them framed for your home.


Most houses appear luxurious due to their elegant aesthetics and grandeur structures. While decorations and expensive furniture play a significant role in creating luxury spaces, they’re not the only essential items. Homeowners can play with colors and paint their rooms with satin hues and bold contrasts. Likewise, they can opt for huge mirrors and drapes to nail an alluring look. It all eventually comes down to your preferred style, budget, and taste. So, explore the market, see what piques your interest, and get creative with your home improvement endeavors.

Feel free to check out more modern luxury interior design ideas from https://www.acvision.com.sg/blog/how-to-create-a-modern-luxury-home that further explains the main features you can incorporate in building your modern luxury home.

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