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6 Questions to Ask Your Plumber

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Do you have a nagging plumbing concern?

If you worked on the problem and failed, it’s time for a plumber to take over. The average cost of plumbing services in the United States ranges between $175 and $480. Complex plumbing problems will cost you more money.

Thus, knowing your plumber’s questions is crucial to get the best value for your money. Continue reading below for six important questions to ask a plumber when hiring one.

1. Ask a Plumber For a License

The first thing to ask a plumber is if they have a plumbing repair license. While some areas may not require plumbers to have a license, hiring an unlicensed plumber exposes you to various risks.

Unlicensed plumbers have trouble pulling out permits with the local government. Hence, they can compromise the safety of the water from your faucet.

2. Do You Have Insurance?

Next, ask if the plumber has insurance. Some plumbing tasks can be risky. When things go awry, the plumber can sustain injuries.

Moreover, you may get hurt if an accident happens. It may also result in property damages. Insurance coverage can protect the plumber, your family, and your home.

Insurance and licensing go together. If a plumber misses either, write him off of your shortlist.

3. What is Your Work Experience?

Ask about the plumber’s work experience. Find out more about their qualifications and credentials. Did they complete apprenticeships?

Ask how they will handle your specific plumbing concern. Do they have the skills, knowledge, and tools to address the problem? When choosing a plumbing company, pick one with a solid track record.

4. How Much are Your Rates?

Find out their daily or hourly rate. It’s crucial, especially when working on a serious plumbing problem or project. Ask if the labor is already part of the total cost.

Also, find a plumber with a transparent estimation of the job. Connect with a company offering free estimates. Compare prices of at least three plumbing companies to get a better grasp of the average prices.

5. Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Ask if the plumber can guarantee their work. Homeowners may not have the time or knowledge to check if the plumber is doing their job correctly. Thus, a guarantee from the plumber can protect you from shoddy outputs.

Check out different online reviews. Find out what their previous customers have to say about their work.

6. When Can You Start?

Lastly, ask the plumber when they can start working on your concern. Minor problems can wait a day or two. However, a burst pipe needs urgent attention.

Ask if the company offers 24/7 availability for emergency plumbing concerns.

Hire a Better Plumber Today

Knowing what to ask a plumber will help find the right person for the job. It will also ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

However, your choice of a plumber is only the start. You have other home improvement projects on your plate.

Are you looking for more guides? Read our other posts and learn more informative tips and tricks now.

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