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6 amazing tufted carpet ideas to decorate your bedroom.

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Upgrading your home as per the modern style is like a dream come true. But if you have been shelving your redecoration plan because the budget is tight, let’s help you make your dream come true. Without tearing down the entire house, you can elevate your space simply by laying down a tufted carpet in your living room. The beauty of having carpets in the house can be compared to nothing.

A tufted carpet is different from its counterparts because these rugs are not created by tying knots. Instead, they are made by shooting strands of wool into the canvas with a tufted gun. To add a modern touch to your home, a modern tufted carpet is enough to add beauty to your space.

If much of your home decor is antiques, you can upgrade your space by laying down a Persian tufted carpet, which will bring a slice of tradition into your house. If you are hesitating to buy a carpet because you think it will be a hassle cleaning them, you need to double-check. Carpets are easy to clean, provided you stick to the cleaning guidelines.

You need to vacuum the carpet regularly to avoid soil or dust accumulation. Cleaning any stains is also simple. You first need to put a wet paper towel over the stain, and then you can wash the rest of the stain with either dish-washing soap or shampoo.

Carpet ideas for your home

  1. Experiment with the colours: Most of the people stick to neutral colours when buying a carpet, but if you are bold with your choices, you can opt for traditional beige and gold tones instead of grey shades. Before you finalise your choice, you must also consider the colour of your walls and furniture because they play a crucial role in deciding the colour of the carpet.
  2. Play with patterns: A plain-looking carpet can be a bit boring. Add drama to your room by choosing a carpet in different patterns such as stripes or fun geometric patterns or any other designs with waves or curves.
  3. Focus on the material: Carpets come in all sorts of fabric but if you really want to play a safe bet here, go for cotton carpets because they are easy to clean and maintain. Cotton carpets are also reasonable as compared to their silk counterparts.
  4. Go for made-to-measure carpet: To cut down on any wastage, it’s ideal to shop for a made-to-measure carpet. These carpets ensure they are perfectly fitted into your room, and any border can be made to fit any shape of the room.
  5. Stick to traditional designs: Traditional carpet designs will ensure an influx of colour into the flooring of your home. Be it Mughal or Persian prints, traditional carpets come in a range of colours and prints.
  6. Contemporary carpets: If you are trying to carve a contemporary space into your house, it is best to opt for contemporary carpet designs, which are largely available in neutral shades and prints that aren’t too loud.

With so many ideas on how to redecorate your home with a tufted carpet, make your choice right away.

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