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5 Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Building

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Statistics show that the commercial buildings in the United States have a combined 97 billion feet of floor space.

What are your current struggles with building maintenance? How can you improve building upkeep in the future? Which areas are most at risk for breaking down?

Commercial buildings can be difficult to maintain due to their size and variety of uses and occupants.

Keep reading to learn a few tips for maintaining a commercial building:

1. Get Regular Inspections

While building inspections are normal for when you move into a space to check its structural integrity, there are other important inspections that also need to be done.

Getting the plumbing inspected regularly can help prevent leaks and flooding in the future. Given the large size of many commercial buildings, some leaks or issues in plumbing may not be caught until they cause a massive problem.

Calling a local HVAC professional to conduct an inspection on your heating and cooling units is also important.

2. Start Outside

If you aren’t sure where to begin ramping up your maintenance efforts, simply start outside of the building. Evaluating what can be done to improve and maintain the landscaping is a good place to start because curb appeal plays a factor in your first impression of others.

If another business is coming to meet with yours, will they be distracted by the landscaping or impressed by it? Small changes such as pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, and adding mulch can give the outer portion of the building a boost.

3. Look Up

How old is the roof of the building? Is there any evidence of damage to the roof?

Look for these signs to know if the roof of your building needs repair. Having the roof inspected if you see any of these issues can help prevent leaks. A full roof repair is an investment into the maintenance of the building long-term.

4. Upgrade Your Commercial Building Lights

Investing in energy savings is a forward-thinking way to maintain your commercial building. Installing lights that use less energy and don’t need to be replaced as often will be an upgrade to every room.

Whether it is a warehouse or an office complex, everyone working in the building will benefit from a soft LED light in place of a dull yellow fluorescent light.

5. Regular Pest Control

Pests can cause many issues in any building, especially a large commercial space. You could have small mice, rats, cockroaches, and other unwanted creatures wandering around in unexpected areas.

Hiring a pest control company to eradicate these pests can keep the property more sanitary.

Get Started Today

Now that you have read a few tips for maintaining a commercial building, you can take action today. Starting small and creating a plan for how to keep each area maintained is a good start. Check out our website for more helpful articles like this one.</p

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