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5 Summer Landscaping Ideas

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Summer is quickly approaching–is your yard ready? The spring and early summer months are the perfect time to do some landscaping, before the weather gets too hot—plus, you can then enjoy your beautiful backyard with summer barbeques and fireworks!

However, what sort of landscaping is best to do in the summer months? While it all depends on how your yard currently looks and what it needs, it’s worth investing in landscaping, since it makes your yard more usable, but can also add value to your property!

Ready to find out more? If so, here are five summer landscaping ideas that can improve your home.

  1. Add a Pop of Color

The relaxed summer months are all about vibrant, fun colors, so why not bring some brightness into your garden?

There are plenty of easy ways to make your garden come alive with color—why not repaint your fence, plant some blooms in your garden bed, or string up some fun colored lights that you can switch on in the evening.

  1. Plant Natives

The summer climate can be harsh, so if you’re going to add plants, your best bet are natives, since they’re more resilient and used to your climate.

Be sure to take some time to learn more about which plants thrive best in your region, based on the average climate and rainfall. If you’re based in Florida, you can find more info here, but your local garden shop can also help you with suggestions.

  1. Attract Birds to Your Garden

When it comes to backyard landscaping ideas, one fun project is to install a bird feeder or birdbath. That way, you can sit on your back porch and watch the gorgeous birds come and go, stopping to feed in your backyard.

If you live in a hot, dry climate, a birdbath is particularly useful, since it can be hard for birds sometimes to find clean water for drinking or bathing.

  1. Install a Lighting System

The warm nights of summer are ideal for spending out in the backyard—but you don’t want to fall and trip in the dark! One of the easiest landscape lighting ideas is to install motion-activated lights along your walkways.

That way, as soon as someone starts to move, the path will light up for them.

  1. Think About Shade

Don’t swelter in the heat all summer–add some shade! Think about building a covered pergola or even planting trees that will grow tall, proving your yard with more shade to cool things off.

Transform Your Home With These Summer Landscaping Ideas

With these summer landscaping ideas, it’s easy to update your yard from average to amazing! To get started, spend some time thinking about what you’d like to improve in your yard and then make a plan of attack!

Whether you hire a landscaping company or prefer DIY, spring is the perfect time to get to work, so you can maximize the gorgeous summer months!

If you enjoyed this article, please keep reading to find more home and garden ideas.


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