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5 Roof Problems Homeowners Often Face

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Are you paying attention to your roof? Answering anything but a resounding “yes” could cost you.

Roof repairs and roof replacements can run you thousands of dollars. Fixing the damage to your home that can result from roof problems can cost a whole lot more.

There’s a reason that checking the condition of the roof is one of the first things a buyer does. It’s your home’s front line against the elements and if it’s not in good shape, odds are that there are bigger issues coming down the pipe.

So what should you do? Read on for 5 common roofing problems to watch out for.

  1. Leaks

This is number one on any list of roofing problems to watch. Leaks can result from a variety of roof issues.

Pooling water might be rotting your shingles, flashing may be installed incorrectly, or shingles might be damaged. These can all lead to leaks.

Watch for signs of leaks such as water damage in your ceiling or walls, or moisture in your attic. The damage that this can cause can become expensive quickly. At the earliest sign of a leak, get in touch with the best roofing company in your area.

  1. Damaged Gutters

Gutters help direct the flow of water off your roof. When properly cared for, gutters can do their job for decades.

However, they have to be maintained. If ignored, dirt, leaves, and other debris will collect in them over time. Clogged gutters can cause water to pool and they may even collapse if the weight becomes excessive.

Be sure to clean your gutters 2-4 times a year to avoid causing roof damage.

  1. Shrinkage

The natural changes in temperature that a roof undergoes can sometimes lead to roofing materials shrinking. This is most notably a problem with certain roof liners.

When your roof shrinks, it can lead to serious problems. The structure can crack and deteriorate, and the change in size can pull apart other roofing components like flashing. Watch out for deformities at roof joints to identify shrinkage.

  1. Flashing Problems

Flashing is used to seal edges of the roof where it meets vertical structures like chimneys or vents. It prevents water from getting underneath your roof and rotting your shingles or the roof structure.

If a roof is installed using cheap materials or an unskilled roofer seals the edges poorly, water can get in and do damage. Watch for moisture and mildew in your attic or signs of rot around your flashing.

  1. Poor Ventilation

A well-ventilated roof allows heat and moisture to escape from underneath. If this doesn’t happen, it creates a humid environment that promotes the growth of mold and mildew, pest infestations, and roof rot.

Signs of poor roof ventilation are blistering shingles and mildew in your attic.

Avoid Roof Problems

Roof problems can be costly. Preventing them is cheaper than dealing with the damage they cause, and dealing with them early is much cheaper than letting them get out of hand.

Don’t skimp when it comes to roofing materials and services. Remember, it’s your home’s shield against the elements.

Be sure to check out the rest of the blog for more tips on home care!

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