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5 Layout Ideas to Decorate Bertoia Chair

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With its polished stainless steel and chrome finish, and strong yet delicate form, the Bertoia Chair is a bold and stylistic furniture piece. Owing to its good-looking appearance it’s pretty easy to emulate it in a number of different layouts. In order to maximize its true potential, you have to take into consideration the dimensions and surrounding ambiance and create a perfectly styled location. So if you are searching for inspiration on how to emulate it into your design plans then the 5 suggestions we’ve listed below should prove to be useful:

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  1. An open plan room:


The Bertoia Chair exists as a signature architectural statement in this modern loft. Its striking aura has been magnificently articulated in its clean, modern and polished lines. Because of this refined aura, it can be used to create a wholly eclectic space oozing with charm. Apart from the chair itself the rest of the area follows a more natural, woodsy and organic cottage theme that accents the more industrial nature of the chair. You can add a splash of vibrancy with colorful settees and multi-layered wall hangings. The spotlight lamps placed strategically over the dining area and the seats draw the eyes of the onlooker to this setup, whilst the indoor plant continues to reflect natural elements.

  1. A stunning masterpiece:


You really cannot deny the whimsical profile of the Bertoia Chair because it literally translates a space into a fairytale imitation with just the right accessories. This enchanting layout is a reflection of the delicate, statuesque and artsy frame of this masterpiece. Here you can see a beautiful fusion of contemporary style with traditional undertones. The wooden backdrop, flooring and main table all accent the remarkably linear structure of the chairs themselves letting them stand out. You can further boost the ethereal ambiance by adding on lovely floral arrangements, classy cutlery, earthy elements in the form of natural ornaments and overhead fairy lights. The roofless aspect and abundance of natural light only further enhance their loveliness.

  1. The neutral minimalist dining room:


This image features a fantastic interpretation of a chic dining room perfect to host brunches and formal get-togethers. This setup reflects the modern aspects of the Bertoia Chair making this iconic piece of modern furnishing the focal point of the entire space. By utilizing neutral hues over a gorgeous wooden flooring and generally white theme comes across as extremely graceful. The abstract freestanding metalwork of the chairs provides a distinct aura to the room that really sets it apart from mainstream setups. The light-hued rug and use of wicker basket add some traditional contrast. This is the physical embodiment of a calming space due to the simplicity of the ambiance.

  1. Cozy and transitional:


This ultra-modern style is as far away from old-style as you can get. The extensive use of metallic shades and dark undertone design elements makes it feel very refined and stylishly polished. The Bertoia Chairs here act in the capacity of accent pieces to enhance the overall suave vibe of the room. The living space portrayed in this image is a very alluring blueprint. The chairs complete the entire look to make it feel very up to date. The blanket of natural light pooling from the expansive window lineup and the spacious dimensions of the room allow the furniture décor to glisten and standout strikingly.

  1. Appeal to contemporary sensibilities:


The interior design layout above is not only visually appealing but oozes a tranquil aura. It entices onlookers to plop down on the Bertoia Chairs. The chairs act as a focal point because the supplementary articles are more unobtrusive in nature. Also, the contrast of black and white mimics a yin and yang concept, resulting in a serene vibe. There are details of unfettered grace and modernity present in the regal matte design of the chairs. As a result, they make this conversational zone edgy and distinguished. Although it may not seem obvious there’s a lot going on in this image with regards to the diverse textures and décor elements provided by the origami-like overhead lighting fixture, a splash of botanical profiles in the background and whitewashed palette acting as a sophisticated palette to balance out the energy in the room.

There are a lot of ways that you can use the Bertoia Chair in your lounges, living rooms, etc. You’ll find that it works wonders. These ideas can help you concoct the interior space of your dreams. At the same time, it leaves flexible room for you to make personal tweaks.w

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