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5 Electrical Problems Homeowners Encounter

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As a homeowner, there are many things you have to be aware of to keep your home safe. Security systems are for intruders, but most times the issues come from inside the home.

This includes electrical problems that can be dangerous to everything in your home. However, there are some electrical issues that many homeowners experience and that if detected in time can be fixed quickly.

Here are five of the most common electrical problems that you can have in your home and how to identify them in time.

1) Circuit Breaker Trips

Usually, circuit breakers can last around fifteen to twenty years with no problems. The issue comes in when they start causing frequent problems when they’re in their regular life cycles.

Now the circuit breaker constantly tripping can come from other issues, such as too many things plugged into one circuit. However, they can burn out on their own, causing short circuits.

If this happens regularly, then hiring an electrician to take a look at it would be recommended.

2) Light Bulbs Regularly Flickering or Blowing Out

Light bulbs can be a regular issue indicator. If they are regularly flickering this can be a sign of poor connection.

But this can lead to arcing in the circuit, this is when loose or corroded connections make only intermittent contact. Arcing can lead to overheating, sparking, and electrical fires.

If lights blow out regularly this can also come from both overuse and loose connections in the circuit.

3) Loose Outlets

Loose outlets can be particularly dangerous for pets and young children, as they can expose wires and make them open for chewing, and thus electrocution.

However, this is usually a simple fix, and one call to White Electric can certainly solve the issue quickly.

4) Dead Outlets

Dead outlets can come from several issues, such as overheating of the circuit, a tripped circuit, or even arcing. These can be problematic because if they do come on again, it can cause a surge in electricity and lead to an electrical fire.

Dead outlets can be fixed however and should be investigated by an electrician.

5) Burning Smells

Burning smells are never good, and if they are coming from your outlets, that’s a cause for serious concern. If this is happening, you need to call an electrician near you immediately.

If left unchecked it can cause fires in the walls of your home and before you find it, it’ll be late.

Look Out for Electrical Problems

Being a homeowner is not easy, especially when your home has electrical problems. But if you follow this list and become aware of these most common problems, you will be able to handle them quickly and effectively.

Don’t put your house and your home at risk because you don’t know how to handle electrical issues. Find a home electrician to help you out today.

For other articles on how to take care of your home and make sure it’s safe, be sure to take a look at our blog and find more.

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