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5 Clever and Practical Attic Storage Ideas

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Families with too much stuff often turn to self-storage units, with 10.6% of households renting storage units. Reclaiming space you already have with attic storage ideas can help you keep your stuff at home and save you money. Working with awkward attic spaces requires you to get a little creative with your storage, but many solutions are available to make it easier.

Check out these storage solutions for home attics to get your space organized.

  1. Board Your Attic Loft

Loft boarding simply means placing boards over your attic floor, creating a usable floor surface. This project makes sense if your current attic is a series of joists with insulation in the middle. The boards make it easier to walk around in the attic, and they create more usable storage space on the floor where you can stack boxes and other items.

The steps for loft boarding are straightforward and can be done on a DIY basis. Once completed, you have more space to place boxes directly or to add attic storage shelves and other attic storage solutions.

  1. Add Custom Attic Storage

Attic space is often awkward with trusses in the way and angled ceilings that limit space. Work with the attic layout to maximize space to create custom storage solutions.

Building small shelves between the trusses lets you tuck small storage containers out of the way instead of filling the middle space. Since no one will see the storage, you can use plywood or other inexpensive materials to make simple shelves. Rods or hooks installed near the ceiling provide hanging space for individual items that are awkward to store.

  1. Use Plastic Bins

Plastic storage bins provide greater protection than cardboard for your attic projects. Cardboard breaks down if it gets wet and doesn’t provide any protection from moisture. Pests can chew through cardboard easier than plastic.

Choose clear plastic bins when possible. With a quick glance, you can see what’s inside the bin, making it easier to retrieve what you need.

  1. Label Items Well

Even if you use clear plastic bins, you still need to label your containers for easier organization. Being as detailed as possible makes it easier to organize storage bins and find what you need.

Scannable storage labels with QR codes can simplify your labeling system in your attic storage. You simply scan the QR code using the corresponding app on your phone, and you can see the contents you listed for that tote.

  1. Organize Logically

Instead of just throwing the bins into the attic randomly, group them together logically and prioritize things you’ll need often. You might create a section for seasonal decorations and another area for sporting equipment.

Place things you’ll need to access often near the attic entrance. Keep those things near the front or at the top of the pile, depending on how you arrange your items. That allows you to grab the bins quickly instead of shifting everything to reach what you need.

Try These Attic Storage Ideas

With solid attic storage ideas, you can tidy up your space and take the stress out of storage. These attic ideas maximize your storage space.

Learn more ideas to improve your home in our archives.

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