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4 Warning Signs Your Plumbing Issue Could Be Serious

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Did you know that an estimated 10 percent of all homes in US have a plumbing issue that causes water leaks? If you have a leak, that could mean up to 90 gallons of lost water, which is roughly 45 cents a day. It may not sound like much, but it can add up if you do not find and fix that leak.

But how can you tell if your home has a plumbing problem? Let us look at 3 warning sides you could have a serious plumbing issue.

  1. Plumbing Issue: Gurgling Sounds From the Toilet

If you start hearing your toilet making constant gurgling sounds, this can be a major warning sign. Your toilet has a P-trap system that takes water from the toilet and into the plumbing system. When the plumbing vents are not ventilated correctly, air can get trapped.

The gurgling sound is air trying to find a way out. Proper ventilation will fix this issue and you need experts to manage that.

  1. Low Water Pressure

Sometimes, low water pressure could be an issue that stems from the local water municipality but other times, it can mean there is a clog, a pressure regulator fail, or a leak. None of those options is good.

The first thing you want to check is if the water valve is fully open. Check all of the faucets and see if the low pressure is in multiple locations. If it is, then this can be a sign of a leak and you do not want to ignore it.

If this happens during the winter, then it can be a sign that the pipes are frozen, which is an emergency. The ice works as a plug, but when it melts, the water will rush through the cracks the pipe has from the expanding ice.

Reach out to a plumbing repairs installation company immediately.

  1. Slow Drain

If you see that your sinks drain slowly, you may have a clog. If you are lucky, it will be close to the drain and you can easily resolve it. If the clog is farther down, it will mean having to snake the pipe.

A common cause of this kind of issue is tree roots in the sewer line. To resolve that, you will need plumbing experts. Try to avoid using draining chemicals, since they can corrode your pipes over time.

  1. Sewer Odor

Your plumbing uses a trap and that trap requires a vent to keep sewer gases from coming into your home. The vents send the gas up to your roof and the traps create plugs that keep the sewer smell from coming up your drains.

If you start smelling sewer gases, this can mean a trap is dry or a vent line has a crack. The dry trap can sometimes be an easy fix, but a cracked vent line requires an expert.

Prevent Damage by Calling Professionals

Pay attention to these warning signs and call a professional to help you with any plumbing issue you may have. For more tips on home maintenance, check out our Home page!

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