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4 Rewarding Benefits of Filtering Your Water

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Are you still relying on bottled water for fresh, filtered drinking water?

Here’s a quick test: grab all your grocery receipts from last month, and add up your total bottled water costs.

Chances are, you’re paying a lot more for filtered water than you ever thought. Instead, you can save money and enjoy the same water quality with your own water filtration system.

Discover even more perks of filtering your water.

1. Say Goodbye to Limescale

Does your shower have noticeably more limescale than others?

Your friends and family may have a water filtration system that reduces the amount of limescale. This problem presents itself as a white, chalky substance. It’s mainly composed of calcium, magnesium, and other natural minerals.

However, a water purification system isn’t enough to combat limescale. You also need a soft water filter to prevent hard water. Hard water is mineral-rich and a common cause of limescale.

2. Save Money on Plumbing Repairs With Water Filtration

Remember the water bottle receipt test?

Perform the same test with your plumbing repair bills. Compare this year’s repairs with previous years’ costs. If you see a noticeable increase in service calls, you may have a water quality issue.

Follow the same steps for your drain cleaner receipts. Frequent trips to the plumbing aisle may also indicate buildup problems. Unfortunately, pouring even more drain cleaner down your pipes can damage them beyond repair.

Clogs aren’t just made of hair, soap, and the occasional sandwich crust. Mineral buildup is a common yet overlooked source of clogged pipes.

Switching to soft water will prevent mineral buildup, but a big bubba filter will catch even more sediment in your plumbing.

3. Do Your Part to Save the Planet

You don’t have to be a vocal environmental activist to do your part to help the planet. Simply switch from water bottles to a home water filtration system.

Unfortunately, while plastic bottles are recyclable, not as many are recycled as you think. In fact, only 30% of water bottles make it to the recycling center.

Filtration systems are one way to avoid plastic waste. You can also buy a couple of purification pitchers and store them in your fridge. Plus, more refrigerators come with water filters too.

Of course, you can always purify your water the old-fashioned way with sunlight!

4. Enjoy Drinking Water Again

The benefits of drinking eight glasses of water per day are well-known. Yet, so many people don’t get their recommended daily intake.

One reason could be the taste of tap water itself.

If you dislike the flavor of your tap water, you’re likely tasting chlorine. Chlorine is added to tap water to eliminate viruses, parasites, and bacteria. Since tap water isn’t filtered, chlorine is added to the supply.

Instead, you can enjoy the taste of chemical-free, filtered water. You’ll notice filtered water tastes similar to your favorite bottled water.

Stay Hydrated and Healthy

You can stay hydrated without contaminants and chemicals. Discover the benefits of water filtration for yourself. You’ll even do your part to save the Earth!

Do you need more lifestyle hacks to make your days a little easier?

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