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3 Warning Signs You Absolutely Need a New Roof

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Did you know that the US roofing industry is currently worth around $52.2bn?

Maintaining your roof is a crucial part of homeownership. After all, a leaking or damaged roof can lead to a whole host of issues around the home. Acting early can prevent unnecessary expenses down the line.

However, it’s also important to weigh up whether or not it’s time to replace your roof entirely. Our helpful guide highlights the 3 major signs it could be time for a new roof.

Read on for everything you need to know about the top signs you need a new roof.

1. Missing or Loose Flashings

Flashings are metal strips that cover weather susceptible parts of your roof, like roof valleys and chimney surrounds, as well as skylights and vents.

Water can leak through damaged flashings and erode the underlay if they are unsecured. This, in turn, can damage the roof structure and lead to water stains on your ceiling if left unchecked for an extended period.

Exposure to water via compromised flashings is a leading cause of structural damage to roofs. If the damages are serious, it may be time to consider getting a new roof.

2. Damaged and Missing Shingles

Many factors can cause damage to your roof shingles. Strong winds, falling trees, and thunderstorms can lead to your shingles breaking or even falling off your roof.

This exposes the roof, allowing water to do damage to timer frames inside. Curling or buckling shingles due to wear and tear or weather damage are also problematic.

You should contact your roof contactor local experts if you notice any of these signs. They’re equipped to check your roof, diagnose any problems, and see whether it needs to be replaced.

3. Granule Buildup in Your Gutters

Shingle granules are a coarse coating that shields your roof tiles from the adverse effects of wet weather and prolonged sun exposure.

Over time, the shingles will become brittle and fracture at the smallest trigger if they are not protected with shingle granules. This can allow water to get into the underlay of your roof and lead to all manner of damage.

If you see a buildup of shingle particles in your gutters, it is time to contemplate a roof replacement. Because shingles age equally, uniform granule loss suggests that your roof is nearing the end of its useful life.

Do I Need A New Roof? We Explain

So that’s the 101 on the top 3 indicators to look out for when you’re considering getting a new roof for your property.

Knowing what to look out for puts you in the right position to make an informed choice about whether to repair or replace your roof, Saving you money in the long run.

Did you find this article helpful? If so, be sure to check out the rest of our blog for everything you need to know about real estate, business, lifestyle, and more.

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