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3 Unexpected Benefits of Sealing Concrete In Your Home

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The art of mixing up concrete to build durable and lasting structures dates back all the way to the Roman empire. Many concrete and stone structures built over a thousand years ago still stand today. However, every material has its weakness.

Over time concrete begins to break down, crack, and crumble. Sealing concrete is an effective way to increase the longevity of concrete floors but are you aware of the other benefits? Keep reading to learn some little-known facts about the importance of sealing concrete floors.

1. Stop Cracking Up

A small crack in your concrete floor may seem like nothing to worry about but a small crack is only the beginning of the end. once a crack starts it will spread quickly as moisture works its way into the slab.

If your concrete floor is showing signs of cracking up on you, act quickly or face having to replace your floor. Sealing the floor even if it is damaged will give you many more years of life than letting nature take its course destroying the floor.

The sealant is effective in stopping moisture and other particles from leaking into those cracks and breaking the concrete up from the inside out.

ACRYFIN Deck and Dock Coating is an industry leader in sealing and protecting both wood and concrete floors and decks. If the damage hasn’t gone too far, the concrete floor’s floor lifespan can be greatly lengthened by coating it with this industrial strength sealant. Learn more here.

2. Stop the Dust

The simple fact is if you don’t seal concrete, there will be dust. Lots of dust. Concrete dust is created whenever the concrete is damaged or even walked on.

The dust created often will circulate from the ground and surfaces and into the air where it can be inhaled for months or even years. Concrete dust contains crystalline silica, a carcinogen found in sand and stone. Sealing the concrete floor all but eliminates this hazard from buildings with concrete floors.

3. Keep It Clean and Safe

Sealing concrete floors has the added benefit of making the floor waterproof. The surface of the floor is therefore much easier to keep clean and less likely to stain.

The smooth surface created by the sealant keeps liquids from absorbing into the concrete. Moisture is the biggest cause of damage to the concrete.

Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of workplace injuries. Sealing the concrete floors of workplaces makes keeping them clean and safe that much easier.

Sealing Concrete

Sealing concrete floors is an inexpensive way to protect the concrete and prolong its life, keep it from cracking, and protect those in the building from concrete dust and slips. With so many advantages, industrial sealing of concrete floors is simply a good standard business practice.

Get your concrete floor professionally sealed as soon as possible and avoid costly replacement. For more great articles read more articles on our blog.

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