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3 Signs Your TV Antenna Needs Repairs

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There’s a reason why over six million people now rely on TV antennas to watch live television programs. In the age of expensive live TV bundles and digital subscriptions, TV antennas provide an affordable way to access your favorite live channel. Unfortunately, just because they’re affordable doesn’t mean they don’t act up sometimes.

There’s nothing more frustrating than bad reception when you want to watch your favorite program. Luckily, in this article, we’ll go over three clear signs that your television antenna is malfunctioning. We’ll also give you some advice on how to fix it yourself, and when to call a professional. Let’s get started~

Three Common Signs Your TV Antenna Isn’t Working

There are usually three clear signs that accompany any malfunctioning TV antenna. The first one occurs when you turn on your television. Instead of finding a channel the screen will display a ‘searching…’ message. The second sign is a signal that comes in and out frequently. Or, certain channels that you used to watch are no longer available.

The third sign is simply no signal at all. Dead air is usually a pretty clear indication that your TV antenna needs to be repaired. So, what should you do if your antenna exhibits any of these signs? First, you should try and fix it yourself. Let’s take a look at some popular DIY fixes.

Try and Fix It Yourself First

Sometimes, TV antennas require simple repair solutions that you can perform yourself. Other times, they require the knowing hands of an expert. In this section, we’ll explain some problems you might be able to fix yourself, as well as scenarios where you should call for professional help.

  1. Inspect the Antenna

The first thing you can do is see if the problem lies in the antenna itself. Bad weather or wind can shift antennas, especially ones that are found higher up. So, go outside and make sure it’s not bent or twisted. You should also make sure that it’s pointed in the right direction. You can do this by looking at your neighbor’s antennas.

If yours isn’t facing the right angle, then try adjusting it. However, don’t feel pressure to do it yourself, especially if the antenna is found on the roof. Instead, simply look and see if the antenna is visibly messed up. If it is, then call a repairman to adjust it.

  1. Check Your Television

The next step is to check and make sure that your television itself is working properly. First, check the input between your TV and the antenna connector. You can do this by plugging it into a second, working TV. If it works on one and not the other, then the problem is your TV. You should also make sure that your television isn’t set on HDMI mode.

To support digital channels it should be in one of the AV modes. During this phase, you should also try retuning your television. Sometimes new TVs aren’t able to scan for digital channels.

You can usually fix this problem by performing an auto-tuning or manually setting it yourself. Finally, check the outlet on the television. Sometimes it can get wiggly or loose. If this is the issue, then try refitting the connectors.

  1. Check the Cables and Cords

If your antenna cables and cords aren’t connected properly, then they won’t transmit a signal. So, check all of the cords and make sure they’re plugged in securely to all the connections.

You should also look for signs of deterioration in the cables and cords. In some cases, cables and cords can wear down naturally. Other times, furry rodents can chew through them. If this happens, then you will need to replace any cables or cords that were affected.

  1. Look At the Splitter

The splitter is responsible for dividing your television signal between multiple TV sets. This allows you to watch live TV in multiple rooms. To see if the splitter is the problem, try disconnecting it. Then watch the main TV and see if the problem improves. If the image on the TV improves, then your splitter is faulty and it will need to be repaired or replaced.

  1. Check the Amplifier

If you’re getting a weak signal, then the problem likely lies in your amplifier. You can check by testing whether or not the amplifier is receiving power. If power isn’t coming through then you will need to either repair or replace it. The good news is that most repairers can handle it easily.

When You Should Contact Help

When you encounter a problem that’s too technical for you to figure out, then it’s time to call a professional repairman. You should also skip right to this step if you don’t feel safe making the repairs yourself. For example, let’s say your television antenna is located on your roof for optimal reception.

If you don’t have ladder experience, then you shouldn’t try and get up on your roof. This could result in a serious fall injury. Similarly, if the problem lies in an unsafe electrical cord situation, then you risk potential electric shock when you work on it.

The good news is that there are plenty of reliable TV antenna repair contractors. To find some of them in your location simply search TV antenna service near me.

Want More Content? Keep Exploring

We hope this article helped you find and fix any TV antenna problems you were having. If you can’t find the problem or don’t feel comfortable fixing it, then make sure you call a professional.

There’s no sense in potentially hurting yourself to get access to television programs. More often than not you’ll simply make the problem worse. Did you enjoy this article? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find more topics you’re sure to love.

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