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3 Pro Tips for Furniture Flipping

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Are you a creative person who loves working with your hands? Then flipping furniture might be the right job for you. Creating something brand new and beautiful out of something old is an art form.

Luckily, it’s also very profitable and a great way to make some extra money or turn it into a family business.

Here are three essential tips for successful furniture flipping and what to pay attention to if you’re just starting out.

What Is Furniture Flipping?

Flipping furniture is transforming old pieces of furniture into new ones and selling them for a profit. This can include everything from reupholstering, painting, distressing, adding or removing parts, and basically giving an old piece of furniture a makeover.

How to Flip Furniture for Profit

One of the main tips for flipping furniture is to calculate if the profit will be worth your time and effort. In the beginning, you might be spending a lot of time learning and making mistakes.

Though it’s hard work, it can be very rewarding both financially and career-wise. Below you’ll discover what you need to know before you start in order to succeed.

1. Find Free or Cheap Furniture Pieces

If you want to turn a profit from your furniture redo, you need to find cheap or free pieces that you can transform. There are so many places to get some truly good finds such as Facebook Marketplace, your circle of family and friends, garage sales, and thrift stores.

Then, research and assess the type of restoration you’ll be doing and how much it’ll cost you. This is how you’ll create the sale price later on and determine the profit you’ll make. Don’t just take any old piece of furniture. Pick the pieces carefully and have a vision about what you’ll do with them.

2. Make Each Piece Unique

The art of furniture flipping is in making each piece unique and completely different from before. For example, if you have an old dresser, sometimes simply adding a fresh coat of paint can transform it. But if you really want it to stand out, you should first treat the wood, sand it, paint it with high-quality wood paint, and add new knobs and handles from the hairpin leg co.

Some pieces have more potential for transformation than others so sketch down a few ideas on what’s possible. Then, see what your potential customers would be interested in the most.

3. Take Professional Photos of the Furniture

One of the best tips for furniture flipping is taking professional photos of the pieces for sale. If you want to flip your furniture quickly, staging and taking well-lit photos are essential.

At the same time, you need to write a detailed and persuading product description so potential buyers can imagine the furniture in their own home.

Furniture Flipping Can Be Easy and Fun With These Simple Tips

Whether you want to make furniture flipping your profession or just a fun hobby, these simple tips will help you make the most of your furniture pieces.

Want more DIY and home improvement tips? Check out some of the other articles we have on these topics and stay tuned to discover the latest industry trends and updates.

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