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3 Painting Tips to Make Your House Interior (and Exterior) Pop

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Every house looks better with a fresh coat of paint. But it’s not as easy as the professionals make it look! Keep reading for a list of house painting tips that everybody should know. If you’re hiring interior commercial painting kansas city mo, these tips are sure to make your home pop!

Keep reading for a list of house painting tips that everybody should know. Whether you are painting your interior or exterior, these tips are sure to make your home pop!

Wash it Well

Many people jump right into painting before they complete all of the necessary preparation. The first thing you need to do is wash the surface of your home completely.

If you are painting the exterior of your home, the best way to do this is with a pressure washer. You are not just targeting spider webs and debris — you also need to wash off years of accumulated grime. A pressure washer can take care of this quickly.

If you don’t have a power washer, don’t settle for a hose. You can rent pressure washers by the day. Scrub detailed problem areas with a sponge.

For the interior of your home, use warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Don’t forget to rinse and let the walls dry completely before you start painting!

After you finish washing your surface, tape the edges and lines in your home carefully. The best way to ensure that your paint job looks nice is to keep it on the walls and off of your appliances and finishes.

Use Primer Wisely

This is one of the most important DIY house painting tips. Many homeowners think that primer is necessary for every paint job. But if your current paint is in good shape and you are reapplying a similar color, it isn’t necessary.

Another good tip is to seek out paints that act as both paint and primer. This will help you save time if you do indeed require a coat of primer.

If the exterior of your house is weathered or chipping, you definitely need a coat or two of primer to protect your new paint from the elements. If going over your entire home two or three times total is too daunting, call local painters to assist you.

Be Informed Before You Pick Your Paint 

Choosing the right paint for your home is subjective. The most important thing is making sure that you like it! But one of our top interior painting peoria il and exterior house painting tips is that you should do your research before you choose your color. 

Instead of investing in a color right away, pick a few shades or different colors and try out swatches on your walls. This will help you imagine what your house would look like in those colors. Be sure to test the swatches in both low areas and higher up.

Once you pick a paint, buy one gallon for every 350 square feet of area. Try to buy in larger quantities to maintain consistency. Don’t forget to buy an extra quart of the paint color for touch-ups later on!

When selecting your paint, stick with high-quality brand names to ensure quality. For application, get a mix of brushes and rollers. Rollers are ideal for large, flat surfaces, and brushes are better for the details.

Refresh Your House With These House Painting Tips

With the above house painting tips, you are well on your way to refreshing the appearance of your home. If you need more guidance on home maintenance and design, we have answers. Visit our Do It Yourself section and keep reading!

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