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3 Expert-Approved Dos and Don’ts of Rain Gutter Cleaning

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Close to 700,000 people per year die from accidental falls. One of the quickest ways to make yourself one of them is to clean rain gutters the wrong way. Your roof is a dangerous area if you don’t know what you are doing.

Despite the danger, cleaning your rain gutters is an essential part of your home’s maintenance routine that you need to take care of. If you neglect your gutters detritus can build up and ruin your home’s drainage system.

Detritus build-up can lead to water damage, roof collapse, and additional wear and tear on your home. If you are wondering how to clean rain gutters check out this guide. These do’s and don’ts will educate you about gutter cleaning.

The Don’ts

The things you should never do while cleaning your gutters will keep you safe during this vital chore. Don’t get caught doing the following three things.

1. Clean Rain Gutters in Inclement Weather

If you attempt to clean gutters while raining you put yourself at risk for a slip trip or fall. Never climb up on your roof while inclement weather is occurring unless you are surefooted and willing to accept the consequences of a fall.

If you notice an immediate issue or clog with your gutters during a rainstorm you should call someone for a professional gutter cleaning. Most professionals will help you out during a gutter emergency.

2. Clean Your Rain Gutters From the Ground

If you attempt to clean your gutters from the ground using some sort of device you could damage them. The best way to clean out rain gutters is to approach them from the top. You or someone else will have to climb on the roof.

3. Put Off Cleaning Your Gutters

It may be a pain to climb up on top of your house and clean out your gutters, but this doesn’t mean you should neglect to do it. Putting off cleaning your gutters for even a single season can lead to clogs and damage.

The Do’s

There are a few things you can do to make your rain gutter cleaning experience easier. The best way to clean rain gutters is to develop a strategy incorporating the following three tips.

1. Have the Right Equipment

Make sure to have sturdy footwear, gloves, some rags, and something for dislodging caught materials. A stick or small pry bar could work but be careful of damaging your gutters with it while cleaning them.

2. Clean Your Gutters Twice a Year

You should clean your gutters at least twice a year. The best time is to do it before and after the rainy/snowy season. If you notice a ton of detritus build up from trees in the dry season another clean may be in order.

3. Cut Back Vegetation From Around Your Home

If you have tall trees or other vegetation that overhangs or touches your house you should trim it back. Not only will this stop detritus from falling into your gutters, but it will also keep your home fire and storm safe.

Don’t Let Your Home End up in the Gutter

If you want a secure, dry, and well-maintained home you need to figure out the easiest way to clean rain gutters. Your best bet is to pay attention to the information in this guide.

Use these 3 do’s and don’ts of rain gutter cleaning to make your strategy today. For all your other important home information make sure to check out the rest of our blog from time to time when it is convenient for you.

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