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10 Bathroom Essentials Every Household Needs

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For your bathroom to function, it needs to have the proper means available. From stocking up to bathroom utilities, both items come in unison to form the perfect clean oasis you can enjoy. There’s only so much we can cram inside, but some bare essentials must find their way to your bathroom. What are these? Some universal suggestions can see below.

1. Shower curtain

Taking a long hot shower after a grueling day is a great cure and a reset method for anyone. Shower curtains are one of those items we don’t even know we need until we need them. It’s better to have and not need than to need and not have. Stocking up on timeless additions is always a good move, and having a spare shower curtain stashed will come in handy.

2.Stock on toilet paper

You can have a couple of emergency rolls hidden away under the sink. Or stash two-three under the toilet and between the wall. Toilet rolls are used daily, and you will need them throughout your life. Keeping a safe stash, an emergency stash, and a backup stash makes sure you can do your duty in peace, while you are well-stocked for emergencies.

3. Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are one of those items where there’s seemingly no end to the list. You can always buy one more, but when money and space are limited, you should always go for an X in 1. Meaning that you should choose cleaning supplies that can multitask. Inside your home and bathroom, there are health hazards. For each of them, you can find an appropriate cleaning supply. By buying supplies that can do a multitude of chores, you are saving space, money and time in your bathroom.

4. Candles

Scented candles don’t have to be exclusive to your romantic moments. They are ideal for setting the mood, and you can use them anytime you wish. Scented candles come in sensual and romantic tones, but you can also find versions with some causal scents. Aim for slow-burning ones which can last you a long time, and they can also help with any unwanted smells.

5. Bathroom accessories

Your bathroom is only as good as its accessories. Handy toilers, spacious showers, quality and great bidet, stocked up the sink and a wide mirror. The more, the merrier is not always the case when your space is limited. Minimalistic design is how you maximise the efficiency of each bathroom accessory.

6. Dental products

Our teeth must last us for a lifetime. With that goal in mind, you should always have a backup for dental cleaning supplies in your bathroom. Of all of our body parts, our teeth need the most care and affection. Toothbrush and paste are obvious, but you should not forget dental floss and cleaning water, for that added layer of protection. As a backup, a secondary toothbrush and paste are ok. Keep in mind that you must keep them in a secure place to avoid a backsplash from microorganisms from your toilet.

7. Trash can

A small, handy trash can behind your toilet, or next to the door solves plenty of issues. Trash gets made anywhere in your home, so having a handy trashcan in your bathroom prevents garbage from piling up. It can serve as the first line of defence for your menstrual pads, so you don’t have to carry them across your home.

8. Natural products

This is a piece of general advice because you should always stock your bathroom with eco-friendly products. They do wonders for your bathroom and your health.

9. Toilet brush and plunger

In the unlikely and unfortunate event that you need to quickly unclog your toilet, you should always have the tools for the job. Remember that it’s always better to have and not need than to need and not have.

10. Extra towels

You can never have enough towels in your bathroom. One set gets washed, the other is in use, and the third is on standby for emergencies. Three sets are the minimum that we recommend. You can build up from there if you need more.

The more you invest in your bathroom, the more you will receive. Our bathrooms are safe and clean heavens from the world. With some help and investment, you can make them the best possible!

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